Saturday, March 8, 2014

Too Much, Too Fast

I'm not the type of person who likes to follow doctor's orders, especially if everything's going well.  Three months after surgery, I took a hike.  I hadn't been out of the wheelchair for more than a month and had just got out of the walker.  But I needed to get out, and I completed the hike, slowly but surely.

Everything looked up.  PT was going well, and I was told I was well ahead of schedule.  Well-ahead...that's a shaky platform for sure.  Let me tell you how shaky.  Wednesday, I was doing some shoulder work with dumbbells.  Nothing heavy, mind you.  Just light weight for reps.  I put the 20-pound dumbbell on the floor after a set and then proceeded to pick it up.  Oh, the awful feeling of a replaced hip that wants to come out of it's next for a look-see.  This was a first for the right hip.  My left side experienced this first in the hospital and then again after I got home.  There's no pain to the joint itself, but the tendons and ligaments around it are surely made sore.  Stretched when stretching isn't approved.

Then, I caught a cold.  So Thursday, I'm stuck at home, can't breath, sore nose, sore throat, and aching, aching hips.  I haven't been back to the Y since.

I'm much better now, so I'll try to get to the pool today or tomorrow, but I AM NOT going in that weightroom.  Nope.  I'm actually scared of it.  Even the machines violate my hip precautions, and since both were replaced, I do have some serious precautions that I can't work around.  I'm going to stick to the cardio for a while until the hips get stronger and can take the requirements of working my body with weights.  If my surgeon only knew, I know  he'd tell me "I told you so."  I don't want him to know.

See you Wednesday for weigh-in and measurements.

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